Morris IL development
develop Morris IL
develop Morris IL
Morris IL development
Morris's City Officials

Richard Kopczick, Mayor
Carol Adair, City Clerk
MaryBeth O Brien, City Treasurer
Daria Lynes, Deputy Treasurer, Sr. Accounts Payable/Receivable Department Clerk
Gail Hussey, Deputy City Clerk, Treasurer’s Assistant, Accounts Payable/Receivable Department Clerk
Mitzi Gross : H.R. Administrator, Payroll Clerk, Sr. Water Department Clerk
Barb Patarozzi: Water Department Clerk

Randy Larson, Alderman
Herb Wyeth,
Julian Houston
, Alderman
Kurt Nolen, Alderman
Jeff Wachowski
, Alderman
Derrick Wren
, Alderman
Duane Wolfe
, Alderman
Bill Martin
, Alderman

Morris economic development

Planning for the Future of Morris

Growth and changes are evident throughout the City of Morris. Examples of such changes are in the adoption of zoning ordinances, the incorporation of a planning commission, the building and growth of multiple dwelling units, expansion of sewer and water, new shopping centers, and the improvement and broadening of our municipal services.

The Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year vision for the City of Morris. The plan is a result of years of meetings, discussion, and research by the Morris Planning Commission, North Central Illinois Council of Governments, the City’s planning consultants, Teska Associates, Inc. and the citizens of Morris. Accessing the physical, economic, and social conditions of Morris in order to projecting the future of the city. Developing a set of goals, objectives, and policies for: general development, land use, housing and residential development, historic preservation, commercial development, public utilities, community facilities, open space and recreation, and ongoing planning.

The purpose of the plan goals, objectives, and policies, is to help City officials in making day-to-day decisions. The plan will serve as a guide for many public decisions, especially land-use changes and preparation of capital improvements programs. The Comprehensive Plan will be a guide on which zoning, subdivision and expansion decisions are based. The plan is very important because as elected and appointed officials change over the years, the plan will be there to guide the new officials towards the vision of the City of Morris.

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